Why Locksmith dispatch software is neccessay

22. March 2016 Locksmith 0

Having a dispatch software to manage your locksmith business is very important for your workers efficiency, for more accurate reporting, better understanding of your business flow and most importantly, keeping track of your income at all time.


There are many software out there that can do just that. Most of theme has been tested by me recently and I think I came to a conclusion that the best one I used so for was LoginDepot by Hookpoints.

It has all the great features I mentioned, including add new technicians and sub-companies, track your techs schedule and pay attention for your outcome. You can easely send messages and created tickets on the fly with mobile friendly design, and stay in touch with your employees at any given time.

There are so much more to it like Call recording, forwarding messages, set alerts to appointments by SMS and email and I can keep going.

I believe that this is the best dispatch software I have ever came across with and I cannot recommend it enough.

Let me sum up all the things I love about this software and let you decide if this is good enough for you guys to go ahead and give it a go.



One of the most important issues we always have with our technicians is the exhausting calculation at the end of the week for what we owe each one of them.

With Logindepot, you can simply click on your technician’s name, select the time frame for which you want to calculate their deserved income, and as simple as that your technician will get an excel spreedshit with all the information about the jobs he made at this time period including the total balance.



This is something awesome, I have never seen anything like that in my life.

A lot of us work with more than one company (I’m working with more than 10), and most of your communication with one to another is by sensing the job by SMS including all the job details. Hookpoints has created an amazing algorithm to read your incoming text messages and translate them inti actual jobs on your system.

Just imagine how cool and convenient it is to get something like that:

  “Address: 123 main st  Denver CO, 80231

  Name: John Doe

  (805) 546-8465

  Service: Rekey / House Lockout

  Notes: call him 5 minutes before you get to the house.”

and the system will automatically open a new ticket for you with that information without you having to type in a single word.



With all Hookpoints software you can pretty much set a reminder for everything.

You can create a ticket reminder if it is proccessing too long and you want to know what’s going on and what taking the technician so long.

You can set an email or SMS alert before each appointment you create and you can select exactly how long before you’ll get the reminder.


So that all was just to summarize a hitch of all Hookpoints Logindepot features and to be honest, I cannot recommend it enough.