what locksmith company to call

04. April 2016 general 0

Have you Called A Locksmith company in the past?
well if you have or haven’t called a locksmith company you may notice that
every locksmith company have different prices, thats because some companies are
not even local, and they have to pay there bills for advertisement
one thing that we recommend doing is always getting a confirmed price
over the phone, most locksmith will tell you a starting price, tell them
you would like to get a flat rate that way you will know what you are expecting
to pay, speedy locksmith golden will give you a flat rate if you are in the Colorado
area, most of the time the price depends on the type of service you need
so explain exactly what you need to do when calling a locksmith that way you wont
be surprised, not all locksmiths are licensed and insured you want to make sure
that the locksmith you are calling is licensed and insured that way the insurance
company will be able to reimburse you for the service (in case of a roadside service)
one of the greatest tips that we give is to ask the locksmith how long it will take for him
to arrive usually a response time should be no longer than 20 minutes.